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Who am i?

Devika Sharma, a registered dietitian, received her first BSc (major Biology) from Simon Fraser University and earned her second BSc (major Dietetics) from the University of British Columbia.  She currently holds a position as a renal dietitian in an outpatient hemodialysis unit. Although renal disease is her area of expertise, she has a great deal of interest and experience providing nutritional consulting to clients with other conditions such as cardiovascular disease, GI disease, diabetes and obesity. She is the founder of One More Bite (a Vancouver based nutrition consulting company) that aims to provide accurate dietary information to assist with prevention, intervention and treatment of nutrition impacted diseases. In addition to her dietetic career, she is a part time research assistant employed with the University of British Columbia in which she has collaborated on various manuscripts. As a means of continuously learning, strengthening her clinical skills, career growth, and helping patients, she is part of the  team of Synaptitude Brain Health. 

"Dietitians are to nutrition what pharmacists are to drugs." -eRIK DAVIS


When it comes to food and nutrition I believe in balance. The term “going on a diet” does not exist in my vocabulary because this term is often associated with the word “cannot.”  Have you ever noticed that when you cannot eat something, you crave it more? Here is the thing – you CAN eat the foods you want (unless you have a medical condition or food allergies that restricts certain foods), but in moderation. If you do have a medical condition that restricts certain foods, there are alternatives available.  How and what you might ask? I'll teach you.  


I've always been surrounded by different types of foodies; the vegetarian, the celiac, the IBS, and the permanent “on this diet today but something different tomorrow.” Through these personal and my clinical experiences, I’ve learned that our relationship with food can dictate so much of our lives including how we perceive ourselves. My goal? In addition to providing evidence based medical nutrition therapy to assist with disease prevention, intervention and treatment, I strive to help people understand the importance of a balanced diet. My objective is to educate and help individuals develop the skills needed to become healthy eaters, which ultimately promotes good health.


Are you ready to make dietary changes? Are you ready to better understand the importance of a balanced diet? Are you looking to meet nutritional goals, and or better understand how nutrition can impact a medical condition?

Contact me. I’ll show you that making better dietary decisions will have prolonged positive effects on your life.  Lose the guilt, not the pleasure of eating food.





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