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If You're Reading This, It's too Late.

Just kidding – it’s never too late to make dietary changes to become a healthier you! I just wanted to follow Drake’s album release style to grab your attention. It worked, didn’t it? Happy Nutrition Month!

Nutrition Month? Every March, Dietitians of Canada organizes Nutrition Month with the purpose of helping individuals select, consume and enjoying healthy foods. This year, they are challenging Canadians to join the 100 meal journey that focuses on making small changes, one meal at a time. Most individuals will consume 100 meals throughout the month of March. That means you potentially have 100 opportunities to better your health. Some of you will read this and think “awesome”. Others will read this and think “did she just say 100?” Sound overwhelming? Wondering how you are going to make all of these changes when you currently are living through the movie called “Life Happens.” You know that movie – the one where you are the main star who has x amount of hours to attend to kids, parents, sports, pets, commute, household chores, work, and hopefully sleep. I get it – it’s not easy making yourself and your health a priority and often this requires change. Change itself can be daunting, and making too many changes at once can be rather overwhelming. I completely get it. This is one of the main reasons behind my support for the 100 meal journey - it encourages you to make rather small, simple, positive changes to your meals.

With nutrition impacted diseases (e.g. Diabetes) increasing, now is the time to make your health a priority. My life has been rather chaotic (i.e. living out of boxes due to a move, work, and attending to family). So much so that I haven’t had enough time to fuel my body with all the right nutrients. To be honest, my vegetable intake is looking pretty slim right about now. It’s time to turn up the colour in my meals. With that being said here is my pledge:

I’m taking the #100mealjourney. I pledge to fill more of my plate with vegetables during #nutritionmonth and beyond!

Every week for the month of March, my blog will provide strategies and ideas to help inspire you to make small, positive changes to your meals. I’ll also share with you my struggles and successes of my pledge. I’ve taken the pledge – will you?


Visit to learn more about this campaign and sign up.

PS: Don't forget to take your pledge selfie and tag me so we can go through the #100mealjourney together #keepingupwiththedietitian

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